Leadership Appreciation Letter

By | May 30, 2014


Ms. Tracy Markus,

Marketing head, Salient Services,

#801, Hobart Street,

Boston, USA

Subject: Leadership Appreciation Letter

Date: 14th December 2013

Dear Ms. Tracy,

This letter is to appreciate the commendable leadership behavior shown by you towards making the launch of our new range of cosmetic products an enormous sensation. It was your efforts and guidance that made the entire array of the products a huge success in the market. You have been the mentor and guide for your team which helped them focus in the appropriate direction. The strategies and schemes devised by you were appropriate and matched well with the market standards. You kept the need of the modern consumers in mind and then designed the entire product series launched accordingly.

Our company owes the success of this product series to your great leadership skills. Your entire team worked day in and day out to put everything in place. We have been delighted that your outstanding leadership qualities could help us in our new cosmetic product series. Congratulations on this very well deserved success and we really hope to have a long term association with your entire marketing team.

We are sure your complete group would be very proud on your achievements as you have been the guiding stone for them. Our company has decided that the upcoming series of products that are planned to launch by the end of next year would also be handed over to you. Your skills and massive experience in marketing is sure to make any product a huge hit.

All the very best!!


Samia Heike,

DFT Group of Cosmetics