Mr. Richard Nene

Junior Software Engineer

Albatrossoft Inc Ltd

77 Pretensia Street

Florida 45151

Date: 15-10-2013

Sub: Employee Appreciation Letter

Dear Mr. Nene,

This letter is to appreciate your work and performance during the last project of XMP Pumping System where you were the core member of the team. On behalf of the higher management of our company, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for your outstanding performance and for making the aforesaid project a success.

The frenzied hours of your hard work and skill in the software practice has helped us in achieving the success in this difficult project. Project Manager and client himself have individually mentioned your name for overcoming the initial hiccups of the project. Your tender behavior and incessant support during the project has added extra mile in your success rate. You are a true team player and carry positive energy not only within the team, but also in the entire organization.

Your continuous support and overtime during the project has helped the team to complete their work within deadline. I hope that your positive attitude towards work will help in completing all other related projects in future and they will also be successful.

I, once again, thank you and appreciate your hard work and sincerity.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Peter Thelon

Human Resource Director

Albatrossoft Inc Ltd