George Smith

23, Danforth Street,

New York

20th April 2014

Subject: Donation appreciation letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

We were obliged with your munificent gesture of offering a sum of $1000 as donation on 18th April 2014, for the well being of our orphanage, ‘Motherhood Care Center”. Our center is able to help the orphan children in their basic amenities, schooling and providing them homely shelter just because of kind people like you.

We believe that it’s the blessing of the lord that we have got such a donor like you who possesses a soft corner for these less blessed homeless children. It is your generosity that you find time to consider and act upon the problems of these innocent souls.

We whole heartedly thank you for your gift and assure you that your contribution will be utilized in the vocational training programs of our center that heads forward in the betterment of the life of children of our orphanage.

This program includes educating children with the importance of vocational training in their lives and helping them in choosing the best option for them. Proper training will be availed to them in their desirable fields by trained veterans. This will help them in shaping their life and becoming a respectable member of the society in future.

We will keep in touch with you and will continue updating you with the various programs, events and announcements of our center. Once again Thank you for such a wonderful gift, it means a lot to us!


Jullia Robertson

Executive Director

Motherhood Care Center