Appreciation Request Letter

By | May 30, 2014


Kelly Shute

54, St. Baldwin Park,

Los Angles, USA

20th April 2014

Subject: Appreciation request letter

Dear Mrs. Shute,

I am a customer service operator at the ‘Daisy Electricals’ in Castle Street. Last week you visited our technical department with your hair dryer. Your hair dryer’s wire was short circuited and you were facing a lot of trouble because of it. You were also annoyed with the misguidance provided by someone to you regarding its warranty period. I assisted you with the same and also guided you about the extension of warranty period.

You appreciated my work and also expressed your gratefulness verbally, at that time. Your gesture made me feel proud of myself and also encouraged me to serve the other clients, whole heartedly.

I am currently applying for a next level job post in the same firm and I need to collect some recommendation letters from the clients I have served and have satisfied with my work. Hence, if you feel that I deserve to be appreciated and recommended by you to my firm, I request you to provide me with a written recommendation letter, appreciating my services.

Your positive respond will act as a great hand of help for me and can also result in my promotion. This will motivate me to work even better and harder. You can ring me at +1 (817) 569-8900 for any kind of queries regarding the same.

I will be grateful to you and I promise to keep serving my patrons with a similar spirit.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Henry Polomer

Customer Service Operator

Daisy Electricals