M/s Katherine Home Products,

Seven Hills Shield Manufacturing Company

70 Cross Street- 14

New York, NY 10024

November 3, 2013

Subject: Appreciation letter to the company

Dear Sir,

We are hereby writing to you in response to the quick and successful approval of the products ordered from your company. It has always been a pleasure to work with your company. Not only your products are excellent in the industry, you also ensure timely delivery of the products. The raw products and other materials offered by your company are really helping our organisation to deliver satisfactory products to our clients. The estimate that we have received this time for the entire supply is amazingly competent. Your excellent quality products offered at the most competitive rates inspire us to continue with this business alliance.

Having a business alliance with a company like yours offers a sense of security in today’s world. You are the organisation that we can trust without any doubt. The quality of your products has never given us any chance to complain and you have also maintained your supply chain really well. Your organisation has always been offering a helping hand in the hour of crisis. The extended support and dedicated customer support, pulls us to you for our entire product needs that are fulfilled by your company.  We would always like to recommend your company to our other business associates as well.

We really look forward for a long term association with your company.


Peter Romero


Cameleer Products and Services