Appreciation Letter to Boss

By | May 29, 2014


Mr. John Alexander

Senior Manager

HUL Group of Companies

TWC Building, 202 H, 17th Street

Austin, Texas

March 1, 2013

Subject: Appreciation letter to Boss

Dear Mr John,

I am Mr. Peter, a junior manager working in your department. I wish to submit this letter of appreciation at your disposal. I have successfully completed one year in this esteemed organisation. You have always been my guide and mentor throughout the journey of this one year. My first day in this office was as a naive employee who did not know much about the work and professional ethics of the organisation. I joined this company straight after completing my education and I had come to you without any prior work experience. You helped me to transform all my theoretical knowledge into practicality which assisted me progress in my professional life. My inherent talent was nurtured and guided by you. The smooth journey of this one year is the outcome of your love and support.

You trained me in the latest technology and concepts used in software development. The trends of market dynamics and the customer support habits are infused in my mind by your words of wisdom. You have always been a caring and supportive boss and I would always owe to you for all your shore up. I would always try to remember your guidance and will execute it to my professional life to the best of my capacity.

I appreciate all your efforts and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Peter Galliano

Junior manager

HUL Group of Companies