Mr. Gordon Anthonio,

#78, Cardiff, South  Glamorgan,

London, CF3.

Date :- 25th July 2013

Sub: – Appointment as a trainee in our company

Dear Gordon,

We are glad to inform you that you have been selected for the position of a management trainee in our company with the Marketing Department for a period of six months. During this training probation period you are required to undertake all duties and activities as assigned to you by the head of marketing Mr. Norton to whom you will be reporting.

Your starting salary as a management trainee will be 3000 pounds per month and is subject to review only on completion of the training period of six months. You will not be eligible for any other monetary benefits from the company during this period. You will be eligible to avail the transport services provided by our company free of cost along with availing one casual leave per month during the six months period.

In the event of your leaving our company during the training period you need to serve a notice period of 15 days along with paying a penalty of one month’s pay. You can check other trainee rules from our website or contact the HR department at for more information.

You can indicate your acceptance of the appointment as trainee by signing and sending us your reply by fax on 111-222-4444 or mailing the same to the HR id provided above.

Congratulations and welcome on board the most prestigious marketing company.

Yours sincerely,

Head, Human Resources,

Brighton Marketing Services Ltd.