Thank You Letter for an Appointment

By | April 10, 2015

When an appointment has been granted to a person for a reason that he’s requested it for, a thank you letter is usually written to the person who’s granted the appointment. Writing a thank you letter while is an act of showing grace, it is also a way to confirm the consent of the appointment.

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Marge Thompson

Fugen Laboratories

200 E Main Street

Seattle, WA, 98104



Letter Thanking for an Appointment

Fred Weasly

Genius Laboratories

2911 Russell St.

Berkeley, CA, 94705


Subject : This letter is written by Marge Thompson, an employee of Fugen Laboratories, thanking Fred Weasly of Genius Laboratories who has given an appointment to make a presentation at their company.

Dear Mr.Weasly,

I would like to express my gratitude for your appointment for the meeting yesterday. The meeting we had with you at Fugen Laboratories was both enjoyable and informative. Your insightful presentation contained several innovative ideas that are at the moment being considered for our campaign.

The rest of the employees from Fugen Laboratories who have attended the meeting have asked me to express their sincere appreciation for the presentation and would like to invite you to continue to share your expertise and advice with us as we formalize our course of action. With your permission, I will notify you as soon as we schedule our next planning meeting. We will look forward to seeing you once again.


Marge Thompson,

_______________  (contact number).