A letter of appointment is an official confirmation letter that is sent to the employees by a company before they begin working with the company in the assigned position. A contractor who wishes to work with the company on a project usually also receives a letter of appointment letter before he begins working on the job.

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Fred Brown

Megasystems Inc.

200 E Main Street

Seattle, WA, 98104



Contractor Appointment Letter

Andrew Weasly

2911 Russell St.

Berkeley, CA, 94705


Subject: This letter is written by the concerned authorities in Megasystems Inc. to the independent contractor Mr.Andrew Weasly who wishes to work with the company on a project.

Dear Mr. Weasly,

We have gone through your letter where you expressed your wish to work with us on the project of ____________ as an independent contractor. We are happy to say that we accept your proposal to work with us.

We would like it if you began working with on the said project beginning on the date of ______________. Your engagement with us shall continue unless it is terminated by either of us with a written notice that is issued before not less than __________ days/months.

Your total remuneration package per _____________ (month/year) will consist of $ ___________ .

The terms of your engagement will be as follows:

____________________________________________ (state the terms and conditions).

Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive clarification on any other issue regarding the appointment.


Fred Flintoff

___________ (contact number).