Letter of Appointment to Committee

By | April 10, 2015

When an employee has been appointed into a committee, a letter is written to him to confirm the appointment to him. The letter also describes all the duties and responsibilities that are to be taken up once they become a part of the committee in question.

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Arthur Thompson

200 E Main Street

Seattle, WA, 98104



                                    Letter of appointment to a committee

Cassandra Lawrence,

Megasystems Inc.

222 E Dawson street

Seattle, WA, 98105



Subject : This is a letter that is being written by Arthur Thompson to Cassandra Lawrence notifying her of her appointment in a committee.

Dear Miss Lawrence,

The executive committee has asked me to advise you that you are their choice for Director of Public Relations. We have considered several outstanding candidates and find your qualifications best suited to Megasystems Inc. The committee considered your loyalty to the company, the years of excellent service you have given, and your enthusiasm and kind manner. We believe you represent the finest values of our company.

A general announcement will be made to the press and to the company employees on Monday, March 25th , and a reception will follow in the corporate lounge at 3:00 p.m. Please give my secretary a list of friends and family members you would like us to invite to the reception.

We congratulate you and look forward to many years of your continued association with the committee.


Arthur Thompson,

______________ (contact number).