Letter of Appointment as an Agent

By | April 14, 2015

A letter of appointment is a letter that is written in confirmation of an appointment. When an agent has been hired by a company or a person the employment is usually confirmed with an agent appointment letter. Such a letter is important for the official confirmation of an appointment.

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William Berkeley

Doe Real Estate Agency

20 Rosine Street

Seattle, WA – 98102


Letter appointing a real estate agent


Stuart Wilson,

Real Estate Agent,

Seattle, WA – 98102


Subject : This is a letter from the real estate agency Doe Real Estate Agency to the real estate agent Stuart Wilson appointing him as an agent with them.

Dear Mr.Wilson,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of the Doe Real Estate Agency. I feel glad to announce that you have been chosen as one of our real estate agents. Hereafter, you will be working with us, handling the real estate job responsibilities and help us with the purchase, consult and analyze real estate for people.

After reviewing your credentials and professionalism, we have come to the conclusion that you have come to us with a wealth of experience. All your past experience in helping buyers find the perfect real estate property was very impressive. You will be working under our real estate manager George Hemsworth. We are hoping that you are willing to share the best of your skills while with us and ensure our customers’ satisfaction.


William Berkeley,

____________ (contact number).