Cyril Thomas

St. Stepens Management College,

65 Aster Garden,


22nd April 2014

Subject: Selection as an Intern to the Epoch Healthcare PTE.

Dear Cyril,

We are pleased to announce that you have cracked the written round as well as the personal interview with Epoch Healthcare PTE and we are now glad to offer you internship in our company in marketing department.

You have scored decently in all the rounds conducted by the company for a marketing intern and you are one of the selected candidates. You would be required to report at our head office on 22nd of May at 9:30 A.M. sharp. The dress code for your entire tenure will be strict business formals and semi casuals on Fridays. Attached with the letter are your contract letter and the leave policy. It will explain to you your salary package, your key responsibility areas and the number of leaves you are entitled to in your tenure. We are also helping you with a letter of code of conduct which applies to every single candidate who makes a part of the team. A good understanding of all the documents will help you understand your role in the organization better. An acknowledgement to this email will be considered as your approval to the terms and conditions the company proposes for internship.

Kindly note, if you approve the mentioned terms and conditions and are willing to do your internship with Epoch Healthcare PTE, then please carry documents mentioned in the contract at the time of your joining. For any queries feel free to get in touch with me.

Thanks and regards,

Candice Merchant

Senior HR Executive

Epoch Healthcare PTE