Employee Appointment Letter

By | September 26, 2013


Mr. Mark Fernandez

1254 W FM, 985 Rd


London, TX 77485-9033

25th July 2012

Subject: Appointment of a Customer support executive in BGF technologies

Dear Mark,

We are pleased to offer you an appointment as a Customer support executive in our organization. We have selected you on the basis of your overall performance through all the round of interviews conducted. You would be on training for a period of three months during which your level of learning would be reviewed and then you would be on probation for three months and based on your performance your services would be confirmed.

You would be paid a fixed salary of 1500 pounds initially and it would increase based on your performance review conducted annually. Performance incentives would be payable only after successful completion of your training. You would be expected to adhere to all the policies of the company, failing which your employment can be terminated without any notice.

Your appointment would be confirmed upon successful receipt of all the relevant educational certificates and the experience certificates. If you have any grievances feel free to address the same before signing on the appointment letter.

We congratulate you on being selected and are looking forward for a wonderful working experience with you.

Happy Working,

George Middleton

HR Manager

BGF Technologies