Appointment Letter for Project Manager

By | January 25, 2014


Mr. Tim Gorothy,

#8, Mansfield,


London, NG19.

Date : 1st December 2013

Subject : Appointment letter for the post of project manager

Dear Mr. Tim,

We are writing to you with reference to your application made with our company for the position of project manager last month. After your successful completion of the three rounds of interview we are glad to inform you that you have been selected for the position of project manager.

You are being appointed as the project manager in our company and will be posted at our Dorset branch initially. As we have a major construction project going on at this location at present we require your services at this site. Our company reserves the right to transfer you to any location within London where our projects may be initiated in future.

We are offering you a compensation of 1,00,000 pounds per annum with entitlement to official vehicle and paid holiday once in a year along with family on actual spend basis. Apart from this you will also receive a performance bonus based on your annual performance turned out during the calendar year.

You are required to report to the company and provide you acceptance of this appointment as a project manager within 15 days of receipt of this letter. In case we do not get your acceptance for the same, this appointment letter stands cancelled with no further opportunity for review.

Please sign this letter and send us a copy of the same to confirm your acceptance

Looking forward to your association with our company soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Garland Thieves

HR Manager

ABC Construction Company