Nicholas Brown,

Finance executive

Kenneth & Kole,

18/2 Huffington Post Street,

Berkeley, California.

22nd April 2014

Subject: extension of your contract with Kenneth & Cole

Dear Nicholas,

Greetings for the day!

I am writing to you to mention that it is time for you to take pride in the hard work and dedication you’ve shown towards the company in the past 11 months. After observing your behaviour for a long time, the human resource department of Kenneth & Kole wishes to extend its contract with you for at least a year.

We are also glad to inform you that you are entitled to a 15% raise in your salary. On the other hand, other terms of employment will remain the same such as your designation, working days and hours, leave policy, etc. Attached is the renewed contract, so kindly sign it and submit it to the human resource team. The submission of your contact copy will be considered as an acknowledgement to acceptance of the offer. As we already have a set of your other required documents, you are not required to provide any of those with your contract copy. You would be required to submit the renewed contract with your signatures on it within 7 working days or else it will be considered as nullified.

For any other queries you can contact the human resource team of Kenneth and Kole and they will be happy to resolve all your doubts. We wish you luck and prosperity in the coming year.

Thanks and regards,

Diana Roseline

Human Resource Administrator

Kenneth & Kole