Mr. John David


Featherstone Street,


London, E1W45

Date: 15-Aug-2013

Subject: Appointment Contract for the position of Automation Engineer

Dear John,

I am pleased to inform you about your appointment for the position of Automation Engineer in our organization commencing from 03-Sep-2013. This Letter of Appointment is part of your Appointment contract. During the contract period you will be based at Manchester, but you may be required to relocate to another location within the London city if the need arises in the company.

The appointment is a permanent, full time position subject to the satisfactory completion of a three month probationary period commencing on 03-Sep-2013 and concluding on 03-Dec-2013 as discussed during your interview. 

Your gross annual salary will be 20000 pounds per annum. You will also be eligible for other benefits such as paid leave, travel allowance and food expenses reimbursement on completion of probation period.

You will be required to work for 40 hours per week between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. We are herewith enclosing an appointment contract which you need to sign and mail back to us.

We welcome you to be part of this organization and look forward to have a fruitful collaboration.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Penn

HR Manager

ABC Engineering Limited.