Lance Smith

Manager- Sales & Marketing

Deluxe Steel Ltd.

Houston, TX

Date: 12th November 2013

Subject: Confirmation of Appointment

Dear Sir,

As discussed with you in our telephonic conversation earlier today, this is to confirm your appointment with our Purchase Manager, Mr. Graham Park, on 15th November 2013, at 12:00 pm at our office premises in Market Street, Philadelphia.

The purpose of the meeting as stated by you is for becoming one of our raw material suppliers. As such, please let us know if any paraphernalia need to be kept ready by us for your presentation. Also, would request you to specify the number of representatives visiting from your side.

Please find enclosed a route-map to our office premises. Contact details are also provided in case of any difficulty in finding the location. As a gentle reminder, please carry ID cards for authentication and security checks.

I would request you to let us know 12 hours in advance in case of appointment cancellation and/or reschedule.

We would appreciate if you could reply back to this mail confirming your availability and presence.

Looking forward to a great business deal with you.

Thanks and Regards,

Patricia Henderson

(Secretary to MD

Touche Auto World)