Mr. Stephen I Bolton,

#23, Alder Shot,


London, GU12.

Date : 25th December 2013

Subject : Cancellation of appointment letter issued for the position of sales manager

Dear Mr. Stephen,

We are sending this letter in order to cancel the appointment letter sent to you vide letter number HR/121 dated 1st December 2013. Your appointment to the position of sales manager with our company stands cancelled with immediate effect. In our offer letter we had clearly mentioned that you are required to disclose all true information to the best of knowledge. Also we had given the appointment letter to you on terms contingent to successful verification of your conduct and behavior.

But during our regular employment verification we have found that you were subjected to disciplinary action by your earlier employer on grounds of misconduct and usage of bad language with co-employees. Besides we are also not very glad that you did not disclose the facts of your previous employment disciplinary action to us earlier in the employment form filled in by you. Even though we are highly impressed with your skills and educational qualifications we are sorry that we cannot hire you on account of grounds of misconduct. It is our company’s statutory policy to hire only those candidates who have a good and clean conduct in their earlier employment associations.

We regret that we have no choice but to cancel your appointment letter and wish you good luck for all future job endeavors.

Best Regards,

Anthony B Hopkins

HR Manager

ABC Private Limited