When an appointment that was made by two parties is missed out on by either of the party for a reason, the person that did not show up writes a letter apologizing for missing out on the appointment while also explaining the reason for not being there. Such a letter is called an appointment letter.

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Brett Simpson

34, 1st Avenue

River run street

Berkeley, CA

Zip – 98116

Letter apologizing for a missed appointment

Dr. Marge Thompson

Berkeley Grace Hospitals,

22, Main Street

Berkeley, CA – 98117

Subject :  This is a letter that is written by Brett Simpson who had to miss out on an appointment that he had with Dr.Marge Thompson of Berkeley Grace Hospitals, stating an apology.

Dear Mrs Thompson,

I have made an appointment with you for a consultation regarding my backache last Friday. However, due to an unanticipated issue that cropped up at the company I work, I could not make it to the appointment as I could make it back home only after 10:00 pm. I deeply regret the inconvenience and apologize for missing out on the appointment.

I would like to make an appointment once again this Thursday as the backache has only gone up since then. Please do let me know if you are free for the consultation this Thursday. If it is not possible for you to give me an appointment on that day, do let me know when you will be available.

Thank you,

Brett Simpson

____________ (contact number).