University Application Letter

By | November 15, 2013


Eric Peterson

Admission Head, Psychology Department

University of Buckingham



12th October 2013

Subject:  University Application Letter

Respected Sir,

After extensively researching about the universities having Psychology programs, I am writing this letter to apply at the University of Buckingham. I have heard a lot about the reputation that it holds and the results that it has shown for over 10 years. I wish to seek my candidacy for the post graduate Psychology program that is offered at your university. I request you to kindly consider the enclosed resume.

After my graduation, I have always dreamt of attaining a post graduate degree of Psychology from a reputed University like yours. I have completed my undergraduate studies from James’s University, with the total of 7 pointers. Enclosed with this letter are my school mark sheets, certificates, letter of recommendations, SOP’s and other needed documents. I have always been a bright student, studying with utmost sincerity and dedication. I am eager to gain admission at your University as I look forward for a career in the field of Psychology.

I assure you of my interest and potentials and I would prove myself as a positive addition to your University. Please let me know about the admission proceedings. For further details and information, please contact me on 44939493.

Thanking you.


Troy Fred