Mr. Jenna Harrison,


Carton Warbler High School Academy,

2542, Bristol Square,

New York, USA.

17th October 2013

Subject: Applying for the teacher assistant position in the Chemistry department.

Respected Sir,

I, Carol Rhodes am writing this letter to you regarding a job opening at the institution. As per the recent New York Teacher’s Association bulletin, there is a vacancy for the position of a teaching assistant in the chemistry department of your academy. Through this letter, I am applying for this position and hope that you will consider my request.

The standard and the level of perfection practised by each member of this academy is known to all and is quite praiseworthy. I too believe in paying attention to every detail and performing every task to the best of my abilities. It would be a great opportunity and a privilege to work amidst such great intellectuals. The documents pertaining to the details of my education and previous experience are enclosed with this application letter for your reference.

I would like to conclude by saying that I am very hard working and take my work very seriously. I completely understand the requirements for this job and the institution, and intend to maintain them through my efforts. If given the opportunity to work at the said position, you shall not be disappointed by me. Hoping to get a reply as soon as a hiring decision regarding this job post is made.

Thanks and Regards,

Carol Rhodes

New York, USA