Solicited Application Letter

By | June 22, 2013

In case you are thinking about writing an application letter it means that you need something from somebody. You can write successful application letters if you state clearly what you want to achieve with your letter.  Imagine what kind of information the person you are writing the letter to would want to know and respond to his or her imaginary questions.A solicited application letter should be something like this:

Sample Solicited Application Letter:

Name of sender

Address of sender


Name of receiver

Position of receiver

Company name


Dear Sir/Madam

In the (issue) of the (name of newspaper/magazine) you had an ad mentioning “proven skills”. I am sure that I have exactly what you are searching for regarding the position of administrator assistant. I have experience in different kinds of office settings and I have knowledge regarding the software that you are using in your office.

I recently completed a course regarding (the topic of the course) and I learned to use these programs in order to speed up the report and letter writing tasks. The workshop (name of workshop) gave me the skills of formatting and composing sales letters, presentation slides, and financial reports.

All these skills are vital for an efficient assistant. During my work I have designed an order confirmation system which improved the shipping process.

Since it is best to explain the proven skills” in person, I would request an interview with you. You can reach me at the following phone number (phone number) and the email address (correct email address of the sender) and let me know about the most convenient date for you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Name of sender