Scholarship application request letter is a message indicating the need of as student to finish his/her study by enrolling to universities and schools who have scholarship program for students who have financial constraints. It elaborates why the student needs the scholarship, the reason for financial constraints and his/her achievements in school. Here is a sample


Ms. Sheri Rohis

Guidance Councilor

Harvard University

Boston, USA

Dated: March 8, 2015

Subject: Request for application in scholarship program

I wish you fruitful blessing upon opening this letter, I Mr. Frank Berton, 18 years old, a second year student in Business Management at your prestigious university. For this coming there is an unanticipated dilemma that my family is experiencing right now, due to the fall down in our economy my family’s business is struggling to survive in the tenacious competition in furniture production. I am anticipating for the worst so I am applying for the scholarship in this University. I have been an exemplary student not just in academic class but also in athletics. All of my grades are above average since first year, won the first prize in the recent Quiz Bee held at Stanford in which 30 Universities joined the competition.

I want to finish my course to help my family’s business, two years is all I need to grant my scholarship. I will undertake any agreement with this university just to approve my request; I am looking forward for this request and will wait for your reply soon.


Mr. Conan Doyle

Second year student in Business Management