A well-written scholarship application letter can offer you the head start that many other candidates don’t get. This is why you have to make sure that you include all relevant information regarding yourself and the goals that you have. You must show the selection committee that you have high goals and the scholarship would not be wasted if they chose you. Your letter should be something like:

Sample Scholarship Application Letter:


Dear Selection Committee

My name is (full name) and I am (age). I have been accepted to the (education institution) to study (name your major). I am writing this scholarship application letter for the (name of scholarship program).

I found out about the (scholarship program) at the (where you found out about the program). In my opinion the best investment is the investment made in the education of the youth because I think that education offers people the possibilities that they would have never had without proper education.

I am determined to pursue my goals and to become the best student that I could possibly be. When becoming an undergraduate it is my goal to achieve the highest results possible. The hobbies that I intend to pursue while attending the courses include reading, travelling, watching movies, and making friends.

At (name of the education institution) I will work hard on my lectures to make sure that I learn the skills I need to reach my goals regarding education.

Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely,

Name of sender

Email address of sender

Phone number of sender