Rental Application reference letter is a referral letters by a tenant to his/her landlord for a tenant usually a friend or a family member seeking for a renting house to stay too. It is contains the information of the tenant and the referred house. The writer is asking for the landlord to grant the request on the letter, here is a sample


Mrs. Jinki Park

Landowner #23 Elson Homes

Seoul, South Korea

Dated: March 8, 2015

Subject: Rental application reference for my Brother

Good day Ma’am, I Ms. Gina Close your tenant at # 2 Home in your apartment for almost two years, is asking for your kind heart to accept my brother Richard Close to have a rent home in your Elson Homes. He is currently studying at the Seoul University which makes it hard for him to study especially when there is a school activity at late night. He is enrolled in the said university and pursuing the course of Bachelor in Political Science. For the past 3 months he is always late when coming home and found it hard to find transportation when going to school.

My brother is my only sibling, he is kind and considerate to others, me as her big sister will come for his aid that’s why I’m pleading for your kind heart to grant my request. For sure he will not be a problem at this place. Here is my contact number 0932820033 for your queries, thank you.


Ms. Gina Close