Mr. Chad Donavan

Senior Manager

Pearson Banks and Financers Pvt. Ltd

New Jersey, USA.

3rdMarch, 2014

Subject: Application for a personal loan.

Respected Mr. Donavan

Sir, I am writing this letter to apply for issuance of a personal loan from the Pearson Banks and Financers Pvt. Ltd. I am currently employed at the position of the junior operations manager at the Harry Gars Enterprises Ltd and am applying for the loan to make up for my wife’s loss of job due to a medical illness.

I have met with the junior executives of the organisation and have understood the procedure of loan approval and the documents required for the procedure. To make my financial standing clear in the view of those deciding the matter of approval of my personal loan I have enclosed with this letter, copies of my previous income statements and IT returns for the past 5 years. The terms of loan approval also call for other relevant documents; copies of the same have been enclosed with this letter. My character certification comes from the recommendations of my subordinates and the character certificates from my employers.

I hope that once you go through the details of my application you will be able to take a better decision.  In case you need any other details or any further information to proceed with the loan approval procedure, feel free to contact me at the below given details. Awaiting a reply from the organisation regarding my loan process,

With regards

Mr. Samuel Henderson

Contact: 8325657