Mr. Jeremy Bans

Senior Operations Manager

Marketing Department

Barton Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

67, Square Lane

Chicago, USA.

1st March, 2014

Subject: Medical leave application letter

Respected Bans Sir

I, Javier Munoz am writing this letter to apply for a three day medical leave from the office duties. I have been diagnosed with Flu and as per the doctor’s instructions I need a rest of at least 3 days. Moreover, my Flu is contagious and it is best that I do not contaminate other staff members and so I seek your permission to grant me the leave.

We are currently working on 2 major accounts and I know that we are completely swamped with work. I would thus like to inform you that I have updated all the assignments that were given to me and have done all the work as per today’s deadline. Also even though I am not medically permitted to exert myself in the offices, I can perform certain work duties from the comfort of my own house. This is why I have already updated my colleagues that in case of my absence they can contact me on my personal number and also communicate with me via email.

Enclosed with this letter are the copies of my medical reports, doctor’s suggestions and the updated reports of my official assignments and projects. I hope that you will consider my request and sanction my 3 days leave.

Thanking you,

With regards

Mr. Javier Munoz

Senior Manager, Marketing Department

Contact: 43547623