In some cases employees have to take a leave to sort out personal problems. In this case they have to send a leave application letter. This is usually addressed to the immediate reporting head. Start the letter with expressing your intention of taking a leave. Then add the desired length of your leave and request that your application will be accepted. It is best to keep it short but to include all important information, such as the reason for which you need to take a leave.

Sample Leave Application Letter:

Name of sender

Position of sender


Name of receiver

Position of receiver

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing this letter as a leave application letter for (number of days) working days of the (number of days) days of leave that I am entitled to have this year starting with (date of the start of your leave) until (ending date of leave); until this point I haven’t taken any leave days. The reason for this leave is the examination taking place at my master’s course. There are 10 papers that I have to write and I need 5 additional days to prepare for the exams.

I shall start working again on the (date of return). I kindly request you approving my leave. I assure you that I will complete all my pending work before leaving. I will leave my number at the HR department in case my assistance is needed in case of any work situation during my leave.

Thank you in anticipation.


Name of sender