Human Resource Internship application letter is a short letter typically sent to employers to accompany the curriculum vitae when applying as an intern in the human workforce management. It provides the sender with the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself and tell the employer things that are not covered elsewhere in your application. Here is a sample.


Mr. Kira Yamato

Human Resource and Relations Manager

Honda Motors Corporation Tokyo


Mr. TojoFujima

Bachelor in Science in Human Resources

Dated: March 9, 2015

Subject: Application for Human Resource Intern

Good day Sir, I am Mr. TojoFujima, new graduate in Bachelor in Science in Human Resources, my intention for writing this letter is to be an intern on your department for two years. I know it takes a lot of good management and delegation to monitor that huge amount of people in your company. That’s why I want to practice my profession in your department as an Intern and learn from your expertise. The enclosed curriculum vitae in this letter show all my academic performance that is above average and with good communication skills especially in public speaking. I also excel in human psychology and human behavior as I enrolled before in Bachelor in Psychology but quit it. I also know human labor laws and financial accounting that is practical in my profession.

I will wait for your respond in my appeal to make me as good as you in human resource management.  You can call me at my cell phone number at my curriculum vitae, thank you for your time and Godless.


Mr. TojoFujima

Bachelor in Science in Human Resources