The main point of a grant application letter is to obtain the approval and interest of a benefactor like an institute or a company. Such letters are usually requesting materials or funding and it is normally sent to the operations coordinator or director of a company or institute. It is a must for the letter to include all the important information of the activities and projects that will be financed by the grant. The letter should include:

Sample Grant Application Letter:


Name of receiver

Position of receiver

Company or institution name


Dear Sir/Madam

We are a child sponsorship organization handling the needs of children in the area of (your area). Our organization was established in 1990 and its main purpose is to help the children in need by offering them the possibility of a better education to overcome a vicious circle of poverty. We would like to request a grant of (sum of the grant) to improve the education of children in the poor communities that the organization is serving.

The grant would be used to build classrooms and to buy computers. Our organization handles 5,000-7,000 children in need who would all benefit from this grant.

Attached we are sending the five-year plan of your organization and we are hoping that you will consider the children that we are trying to help. For further information, please visit the website of our organization or contact us at (phone number).

Thank you in advance.

Very truly yours,

Name of sender

Position of sender

Organization name