Graduate trainee application letter is a letter sent to an employer together with curriculum vitae to apply for a vacancy, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself and explain your suitability for the role. This letter is to highlight any particular information from your curriculum vitae which is especially notable or relevant, and to communicate any other information such as special circumstances or availability for interview. Here is a sample


Ms. Joan Aris

General Manager McDonalds’ Utah

Utah, USA


Mr. Ken Chose

Business Accountant

Dated: March 8, 2015

Subject: Application as a Graduate trainee

Hello Ms. Aris,

I wish you and your family are in stable and good condition. I am Ken Chose; I am applying as Assistant Manager at your famous fast food chain in the job opening. I am highly competitive and perfectionist as the enclosed Curriculum Vitae will tell more of my achievements in my previous school and Restaurant Chain. The Earl Seafood’s and Meat Restaurant I worked before for two years , I will tell my achievements in my profession as an accountant as it opened three outlets outside Utah which located now at California, New York and Boston. I always work twelve hours a day and finish my job before going home. I always check and evaluate the needed adjustments and improvements of a system to make it successful and last for a long time.

I will help you to make your food chain expand and make it one of the best food chains in this country. Please call me at my contact number in my curriculum vitae if you found my skills and talents beneficial to your Food chain.


Mr. Ken Chose

Business Accountant