Graduate School application letter is a letter sent by post graduate student who want to pursue additional Masteral and Doctoral degree in their degree. It lists the academic achievements with their bio data and the needed curriculum for their chosen degree. Here is a sample


Ms. Raquel Nera, R.N., R.M. MAN,

Dean of College in Nursing

Rockefeller Health University, USA


Ms. Miles Crilis, R.N

12 Fred St. Greenwood, Brooklyn

New Mexico, USA

Subject: Application for Masteral of Arts in Nursing

I am Ms. Miles Crilis R.N., would want to apply for admission at your renowned, Rockefeller Health University, I  graduated at Mt. Carmel University as a registered Nurse and find your university attractive for pursuing my Masteral in nursing as you had all the facilities and equipment’s suitable for my research. Frankly speaking I already search some schools and universities that are more practical due to some financial constraints however with high rank status in terms in their graduates and education, your university appears to be the one of the best. I am a hard working student and easily taught by teachers; I can also adopt and be flexible as the situation asks for.  I enclosed mybio data and academic records for your reference

I hope you would be considerate and understanding in my appeal in this letter. Please reply in the number in my bio data, please let me know what is the status of my admission, thank you and God bless.

Best regards,

Ms. Miles Crilis, R.N.