In case you send an application letter to the head of an education institution or to your boss, it is important to send a follow up application letter as well just to make sure that you are on the same page. It is best for the letter to be written in a professional way, avoiding spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, unless you wish to make a bad impression. In the first paragraph you should mention the letter you have previously sent. Your letter should contain:

Sample Follow Up Application Letter:

Name of receiver

Position of receiver


Dear Sir/Madam

As I have already informed the HR department, my wife is pregnant and she is expected to give birth at the end of the month. I have already sent a leave application letter requesting a leave of (number of days) of the (number of days) leave days that I am entitled to having this year of which I have requested none until this point. My leave would be starting on ( beginning of the leave) until (end date); nonetheless until this point I have not received an answer.

You will find the medical certificates of my wife attached to the letter; I can provide additional documentation as well, if needed by the management or the HR department.

It is very important for my wife to be there with her during this period and I am hopeful that I will receive a positive answer from the management.

Thank you in advance,

Name of sender

Position of sender