Applying for a new job is an important event in every person’s life and it could turn into a positive experience if the person in question is accepted for the job that they are applying for. Although the decision doesn’t belong to the candidates, they can increase their chances by writing a convincing employment application letter that includes the most important information regarding their knowledge and experience.

Sample Employment Application Letter:

Name of receiver

Position of receiver

Company of the receiver

Address of the receiver


Dear Sir/Madam

I am applying for the position of (position name) at your company (name of company).

The services of (the services offered) offered by your company have caught my attention and they determined me to apply for this position.

Your commitment to (company values) and the focus on offering high quality services to the customers reflects the strengths and the knowledge that I have gained through the (number of years) I have worked in the field of (your field of expertise).

I have a degree in (your major) from (education institution). During my job I have been working with the programs that you are using at your office, making me efficient at my job. Due to my qualities recently I have been promoted as (position).

In (year) I have received an award for (strength or achievement). The new solutions that I implemented could benefit your company, making it more efficient.

I would be delighted if you considered me for the position of (position). I look forward to meeting you and to discussing my qualifications.

Thank you for your consideration.


Name of sender