Mr. James Harmon

Head, Finance and Budgeting Department

Wilson Corporations Ltd

New York, USA.

2nd March, 2014

Subject:  Employee Loan application letter

Respected Mr. James

I, Mark Burns am writing this letter to apply for an employee loan. I am currently working as an employee in the Sales department of Wilson Corporations Ltd and am seeking this loan for further educational purposes. I have been a part of this firm for the past 4 years and to further improve my knowledge and skills and to serve the organization better, I am considering a part time course.

I have applied for a part time course and have received an offer from the New York University. My immediate superior has been informed of this development and we have reached an agreement which confirms that my current work will not be affected in case I choose to join the course. I am writing this letter to apply for a loan so that I can foot the fees for the course. The details of the course and the fees structure are enclosed with this letter in form of the prospectus.

I have also enclosed with this letter copies of my performance evaluations for the past 24 months, recommendations from my superiors and subordinates and character certification. I request you to kindly go through my details and consider my application. In case you require any further or additional details please feel free to contact me. Awaiting a reply from the department,

With utmost regards

Mr. Mark Burns

Operations Manager, Sales Department

Employee Reference No.: 24647

Contact No.: 5694836145