Application Letter to Bank Manager

By | January 30, 2014


Mrs. Penny Carter,

Senior Bank Manager,

The Royal Bank of Asia,

25/32, 4th and Mains,

Park Avenue, New York,


19th October 2013

Subject: Application letter regarding re- issue of the online banking password for savings account.

Respected Ma’am,

My name is Ben Harman and I hold a savings account with your commercial banking organisation. I have been an account holder in the 4th and main branch of this bank and my savings bank account number is 254356. The account is by my full name Mr. Ben Cornelio Harman and I am writing this letter regarding the password for my corresponding online account.

For the past 2 months I have not been active via the internet banking platform on my savings account. 2 days ago, when I tried to access my online account, I was unable to remember the password. I can also not remember the secret question which I was initially asked to select and neither do I remember the answer to that question. I contacted the customer care and was informed that under these circumstances I will have to write directly to the respective branch manager. I have filled out the ‘password re-issue’ form which, along with the other relevant documents is enclosed with this letter.

I urge you to kindly look into the matter and issue me a new password as soon as possible. I also hope that you will find all the documents to be in place, please revert back

Thanking you,

Mr. Ben Harman

Account No.: 254356

New York, USA

Contact No.: 5736836856