In order to be successful with your application, you might want to consider writing an application cover letter as well. This should include the purpose of the letter, your goals, your experiences that match the requirements for a given job, and other information that could be relevant for the receiver. Make sure that the letter is written in a professional manner.

Sample Application Cover Letter:

Name of receiver

Position of receiver

Company name of receiver

Address of receiver

Dear Sir/Madam

While attending the (name of event), I met (name of person) working at the (department name) of your company. He/she mentioned an open position of (position name) and I would like to request a meeting to discuss the matter further. I have been following your company for several years and I am aware of its expansion policy. My knowledge of foreign languages may be of use of the company.

I have a BS degree in (your major) and I am confident that my background will match the needs of your company. During my work I lead a team of colleagues develop a new (name of system), improving data security.

According to your website the candidates must have experience with (name of program) and real-world experience. At my previous job I have been using (name of program) and because of my background there will be no need of training me regarding this aspect of the job.

I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me at the phone number (your phone number) or at the email address (your email address).

Thank you for your consideration.


Name of sender