Unemployment Appeal Letter

By | February 18, 2014


The Appeal Commission

COP Building, 109 K. 12th Street

Austin, Texas 72098

March 1, 2013

Subject: Unemployment Appeal Letter

Dear Commissioner,

I hereby bring to your kind attention the denial of my unemployment benefits upon resigning from the company, ABC Limited. My company has specified that on grounds of misconduct the benefits that were due to me have been withheld. I strongly disagree with this motion on the grounds that I have never displayed any form of misconduct or wrongdoing towards any employee or senior at the company. If any misconduct was there or reported, it has been never brought to my notice.

I am not at all satisfied with the above given explanation for the refusal to grant me unemployment benefits. According to the notice given by the management, I indulged in misconduct on January 6, 2013, but this cannot be true as I was on official leave on that day on account of taking my wife to the hospital as she has not been keeping well. I have enclosed the approved leave letter copy along with my wife’s doctor prescription for your kind reference.

I want to inform you that I have been working in this firm for five years, during which I have been the regular recipient of performance bonus as well as salary enhancement. I have maintained cordial professional relationships with all my colleagues and never once received complaints from them.

I therefore request you to consider my appeal to provide me with the unemployment benefits in the light of evidences I have submitted to you.

Thanking You,


Joy Violet