Mr. Michael Carter,


J and J Associates,

Brindley Drive,


United Kingdom

Date: 15th June 2010

Respected Sir,

Subject: Appeal Letter for the termination of my employment

Dear Mr. Michael,

I am hereby writing this appeal letter to request the management of our company to reconsider my termination letter. I have always tried my best to put in good efforts to fulfil my job responsibilities as accurately and professionally as possible. I also clearly understand the terms of the company which I had received at the time of employment which stated non achievement of target would result in termination of employment. However I would request you to consider my previous performance records and my last appraisal proved that the company was happy with my performance.

This termination was a shock to me as you all are aware of the current market situation and meeting the targets are very difficult. Being terminated like this would bring a very bad remark on my resume and I would not be in a position to search for a job elsewhere. I would like to arrange a meeting with the Senior manager regarding this decision and would like to appeal regarding my position.

Hope to receive a gratifying response.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Timothy Parker

Sales Executive

J and J Associates