Suspension appeal letter is a type of appeal letter wherein the person is prohibited to come for work, do the usual things until such time that the suspension given to him or her by the authority or institution is dismissed. This is most common for employees and students. The said letter is used to clarify, explain and ask for reconsideration from being suspended.

Sample Suspension Appeal Letter

Margaret Lim

Staff Nurse of Asian Hospital

234 8990

April 9, 2015

Dr. Richard Moore


Asian Hospital

886 9999

To Dr. Richard Moore,

I, Margaret Lim, regular staff nurse of your health institution for 4 years, hereby writing this letter to appeal my suspension from work due to failure to do my physical examination on the scheduled time where my name is being listed.

For four years of existence in your institution, I have been practicing my profession following the hospital rules and standards without commiting any errors in the hospital as well as in dealing with patients. This is my first time not to comply my physical examination on time. The reason behind this is I took my examination for IELTS for my purpose of working abroad.

I hope you can reconsider the suspension given to me because I am willing to comply for the next physical examination if you will given me a chance.

Thank you for understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Margaret Lim