Mr. Gary Jerkins


Waken West High School

Waken, New Jersey

United States of America.

8th March, 2014

Subject: Appeal for a leave of absence approval

Respected Sir,

This letter is being written to appeal for the approval of a leave application filed by me, Mrs. Vanessa Mathews, on the 1st of March 2014. I teach English and Mathematics in the Waken West High School and have been a part of this esteemed educational institution for the past 9 years.

A teacher seeking to take a leave of absence from the school is first required to file a request with the head of the department and the principal. I have filed an application dated 1st March 2014, but have not yet received any reply. It is thus that I am writing this letter appealing you to kindly look into the matter and grant me the leave approval. I wish to take leave for a period of 5 days i.e. from 15th of March 2014 to the 19th of March 2014. The reason for the leave as stated in the application previously filed is a personal family matter that I need to attend. I would like to inform you that this leave will not affect the curriculum progress of my students for I have prepared an appropriate schedule to be followed in my absence. I have also asked a substitute to cover my classes.

My colleagues have been extremely understanding and cooperative. I hope that you too will take consideration of my application and grant me the required leave.


Mrs. Vanessa Mathews

Waken West High School

Contact: 38798786