Property Appraisal Appeal Letter

By | May 23, 2014


Mr. Andrew Simmons


Property Valuation Department

New Jersey State Federation


9th March, 2014

Subject: An appeal to consider the appraisal of a property

Respected Mr. Simmons

I, Mr. Sam Marlin, am writing this letter to appeal in front of the New Jersey property valuation department to move for appraisal of a property under my ownership. The property in question is a warehousing facility located on the 23rd Street, Madison Avenue, New Jersey, USA. The facility is in use for storing the inventory for the business under the name M/s Henson Bailey Enterprises.

The date on which the said property was last appraised was- 30th March, 2005. As per the legal regulations and requirements under the New Jersey state laws, an appraisal is deemed due at least every ten years. I have filled in the required appropriate forms to appeal for the appraisal. The duly filled forms along with all the documents required in the process of appraisal are enclosed with this appeal letter. Also enclosed is a copy of the appraisal documents dated 30th of March, 2005.

Please consider this request for the appraisal of the property and send the officials to inspect the property. I am hoping that once they have done the required inspection we will able to move forward with the process. If any other details or information is needed from my side, you can please feel free to contact me anytime on the below mentioned details.

With Regards

Mr. Sam Marlin

Contact No.: 7458734

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