Robert Williamson

Managing director

Pearson and Johnson Corporation


Date: 30th March 2014

Subject: promotion appeal letter

Respected Sir,

I, Greg brooks, the junior marketing manager of your company am writing this letter so as to make an appeal regarding my due promotion.  Sir, I was told that I was up for a promotion about 6 months ago but still have received a promotion letter for the position of marketing manager yet. I request you to kindly look into the matter and consider my appeal.

I have been working as a junior marketing manager for the last 2 years in this company and during this period, I have proved very beneficial for the marketing department of the organisation. I have helped senior marketing officials on a number of projects and have single handedly won a lot of clients through my marketing abilities and communication skills. I would have never requested a promotion if I wasn’t hinted about it 6 months back. But considering my long track record and the number of years I have spent at this position, I think of this as the right time for this promotion.

Moreover, a promotion will give me the required motivation about my future in this company and will give me a fresh outlook. I can assure you that I am ready for taking up the responsibilities of a marketing manager and would not disappoint you if given a chance.

Looking forward to your positive response,

Thanking your

Yours sincerely

Greg Brooks

Junior marketing manager

Pearson and Johnson Corporation