A medical leave appeal letter is written by a person on order to make an appeal for leaves on medical grounds. These types of letters must mention the date and number of days for which the leaves are needed and the exact reason for the leave. A sample is given below for reference.

Sample Medical Leave Appeal Letter:


Mr. Sloan Gates

Manager, HR Leave Department

ABC Group

Clifton, New Jersey

Dated: 08.20.2014

Dear Mr. Gates

Subject: Medical leave appeal letter

I William Bell, marketing executive at ABC Group, am writing this letter to apply for a thirty day medical leave from the office so that I can be treated for the tumor in my stomach.

For the last couple of months I was having severe pain in my stomach and when I went for the checkup, a tumor was detected which the doctor said needs to be operated as soon as possible. Since the pain is becoming unbearable now, I have decided to get it operated and thus appeal for the leaves from 1st of September to 30th of September.

I will be required to be in a hospital where the doctor’s will operate on my stomach to extract the tumor. The recovery phase is supposed to take around 25 days and therefore I assume that the 30 days of leave should cover my operation preparation, the actual operation and the recovery.

I have 60 days of paid leave, 15 days of sick leave and 5 days of personal leave in my account. Thus I would like to utilize 10 days of sick leave and 20 days of paid leave to cover this time period.

Hope you will approve to my appeal considering its urgency.

Please revert at the earliest.

Yours sincerely

William Bell