Ms. Nancy Stew,

Info Services,

#461, Hobart Street,


Date: 4th December 2013

Sub: Medical Aid Appeal Letter

Dear Ms. Nancy,

It is during the recent times that I experienced a sudden pain in the left arm and foot. I had ignored it to be a passing by ailment, but as the pain persisted I was forced for a diagnosis. The pain is suspected for an artery block. Since the chances of cardiac arrest are more, I am advised to get the blockage report through Angiogram and depending on the extent of the blockage an Angioplasty. We have fixed for the medical treatment on 6th December, 2013 at St.Stephens Hospital. The surgery requires a 3 day stay at the hospital and post discharge, a couple of weeks rest thereafter. The medication period might slightly get extended more than 2 weeks depending upon the progress in my health. Stress and cholesterol in the diet is suspected as the cause.

I do understand the complications involved during my absence. Hence I have distributed the work in my bin to the colleagues – Jim, Tracy and Markus. Necessary information has been shared with them and they would help you provide with the data as and how needed. As you are aware that I have recently performed the wedding of my daughter I am running tight on finance. The total cost of angioplasty comes to 5000 pounds and I am in no position to bear the same. I request you to kindly recommend my case to our management and propose my medical aid appeal to them on my behalf. I request your kind self to understand the need of the hour and grant me immediate medical aid assistance from our company.


Davidson J

Tech Lead

Info Services