Job Rejection Appeal Letter

By | June 24, 2014

A job rejection appeal letter is one that is written by a candidate in order to appeal for a job rejection by an organization. A job rejection appeal letter sample is provided below for the help of a candidate seeking such a letter.

Sample Job Rejection Appeal Letter:


The HR Head,
ABC Pvt. Ltd,
#87, New Jersey, USA

Date – 8th June 2014

Sub – Job Rejection Appeal Letter

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I Alina Jones applied for the position of Business Development Executive in your organization two months ago. I underwent three rounds of interview and was told that I have almost been selected for the position. But on 6th June, 2014, I have received a letter from your organization stating that I have been rejected for this position. The letter does not specify any reason for my rejection for this position in your organization.

I am very disappointed with this rejection and want to make an appeal for considering me for this position once again. I was confident that I performed really well in all the rounds of the interview and even possess the necessary qualifications and experience for this position. Besides during this period I have taken up the Rapid Diploma Program in Business Management from New York University which I have completed with excellent grades. Considering my additional qualification that I have acquired and my appeal for consideration I hope that your organization will reassess my appointment in your company.


Alina Jones