Health Insurance Appeal Letter

By | February 10, 2014


Virginia Henderson,

Blue Cross Health Insurance Company,

9870 Cross Road,

New York, NY 10024, USA

Date: 12th December 2013

Sub: Health Insurance Appeal Letter

Dear Miss Henderson,

Please accept this letter as an appeal to Blue Cross Health Insurance Company’s decision to reject the coverage for Leg Fracture that I had encountered one month back.  This letter is in response to your rejection letter which I had received on 7th December 2013 and the reason for denial of coverage costs mentioned was:

A leg fracture which does not result in rest for over 5 weeks will not be included in the health policy opted by you.

Ma’am, for your reference, my health insurance policy number is DF/890 and I had signed up for it in November 2007.

As I had mentioned in my previous letter, I had met with a road accident one month back and that has resulted in leg fracture in my right leg. Due to this fracture, I have been suggested complete bed rest for 5 weeks. My Plaster would not be taken off before 6 weeks and only on examination will the doctors decide whether or not I am completely fit. I am enclosing a copy of the doctor’s (Dr. Tim Mathews) letter which can be used by you as a proof of my statement. Dr. Tim Mathews is a senior orthopedic at St. Mary’s Hospital. I wish to appeal to you to please reconsider my request and grant me full coverage costs for the above mentioned injury.

Thanking you,


Fred Nicholson

Contact Number: 470974035