Grievance Appeal Letter

By | May 23, 2014


Mrs. Karen Blackman

Head, Customer Relations Department

Sonar Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Cabletron, New York

United States.

11th March, 2014

Subject: Appeal to file a grievance against the performance of the refrigerator

Dear Mrs. Blackman

My name is Gina Thomas and I am writing this appeal letter regarding an electronic product produced and marketed by Sonar Electronics. The item or the product regarding which I am writing is a refrigerator. The product with the item code RGT- 0078 was purchased by me on the 25th of February, 2014. By the way of this letter I’d like to appeal that a grievance against the performance of the newly bought electronic item be filed.

After I bought the product it worked fine for only about 5 days and starting giving cooling issues. Unnecessary ice gets accumulated in the high freezing section while the lower section doesn’t give much cooling effect. The items stored in the lower section get rotten or soggy or damaged otherwise. It has been a great inconvenience to deal with this product needless to say that I am very disappointed with the product and the producer. I have tried to contact the customer care but they have not yet come around to helping me. This happens to be another point of great disappointment.

I hope that at least you will look into the matter and provide me with the needed attention as soon as possible. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of the retail invoice and my other details.


Mrs. Gina Thomas

Contact: 867765645