Tom Hanks

Fund Manager

Aspen Group of Companies

45 East Side Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 4590

Dated: 5th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for financial aid

Respected Mr. Hanks,

This letter is in regards to my son who is planning to pursue his masters in business administration from North Western University. I would like to make an appeal for financial aid in order to meet the educational expenses of my son.

I am the only earning member of my family and recently I have lost my job due to recession. My wife is not keeping well, so I also need to incur a lot of medical expenses.  Even if my son takes up a part time job it would be difficult for him to pay the fees.  So, I kindly request you to please provide a financial aid of $25000 for his education. I can assure you that he is a brilliant student and has always secured excellent grades. I am aware about the student recognition program run by your organization that gives financial aid to deserving students.

I request you to consider my son for financial aid. I am enclosing the education certificates of my son along with the letter.


Brett Lee