Finance Appeal Letter

By | May 23, 2014


Mr. Jeremy Atkins

Head of New Initiatives Segment

Briton Sax Foundation

2489, Brooklyn, New York

United States of America.

10th March, 2014

Subject: financial appeal letter

Dear Mr. Jeremy Atkins

I, Jane Mathews am writing this letter to you to make a financial appeal with the hope that you will consider my cause worthy enough and accept my appeal. I am a part of the Holy Child Foundation, whose office is situated on the 24th, Lower Manhattan, New York, USA. We as a foundation have been working on providing quality living to orphaned children and to those who have been abandoned by their own. I appeal you to kindly make a donation in the name of the institute to help us achieve our goals.

Our actions and initiatives have been wide spread in the past and we are looking to expand the extent of our reach. In this endeavour we seek assistance from reputed organisations like yours. We have set up a new project under which student researchers from varied reputed universities will undertake research and the aim of the research is to build ways to determine the state of living for children and improve it.

In case you find the need for more information to be provided to you, please refer to our official website. You can also contact us directly if the nature of information or work is more direct. I hope you will take this request in good consideration donate for the cause generously.

With utmost regards

Ms. Jane Mathews

Holy Child Foundation

Contact: 79827167